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Brun Bear Foundation Medical Grant: FAQ
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Brun Bear Foundation Ambassadors

Ambassadors are committed to directly supporting and making a positive contribution in the area they represent and championing The Brun Bear Foundation’s charitable objectives.

Supporting and making a positive contribution is likely to include:

  • Serve as an active advocate and ambassador for the organisation and fully engaging in identifying and securing resources and corporate/media/funding/other partnerships that will aid The Brun Bear Foundation in advancing its charitable objects.

  • Leveraging profile/standing on social media using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote the work of The Brun Bear Foundation, connect with its existing audience and support the discovery of The Brun Bear Foundation by ever larger audiences.

  • Leveraging personal and professional connections and networks to fully achieve The Brun Bear Foundation’s objectives.

  • Feeding into the strategic development of the area represented.

  • Stewarding donors.

  • Attending presentations and events on behalf of The Brun Bear Foundation

  • Giving short talks on the charity

  • Championing the organisation’s event programmes, grant programmes, scholarships and fellowship programmes including The Simon Shades Award, Birthing And Maternity Education Bursaries and Awards and the WildBEAR Fellowship.

  • Preparing for and attending meetings with two or more of the Trustees three times a year.

  • The role is designed to fit around /blend with our Ambassador’s other commitments.


From a time commitment point of view, we would anticipate a minimum commitment of an hour a week / 4 hours per month from our Ambassadors. In addition, there is the requirement to attend meetings three times a year which will be no more than two hours.


A minimum one-year commitment is required which can be renewed on a rolling basis by mutual consent.


Interested parties can formally apply by sending an email to


Suitable candidates can also be approached.


All candidates are asked to meet with all of the Trustees for a meeting to discuss the role and objectives in advance of formal appointment.

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