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Thank you for helping me look after the bears...

The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin are inspired by stories my father would tell me about two special bears who - together with their friends and family - who would inspire and do good works in the community. His sincerest wish was that I would look after his bears when the time came. 


You can learn more about these special bears and the impact they are having globally on this page. We are also able to bring the bears and their friends to you too. 


On behalf of my Dad, and from the very bottom of my heart...


...Thank you for helping me look after the bears. 



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The Flood

Throughout the night it rained and raised...

And the following day... And through the week too

The people and the animals in the community

were scared. Brunhilfer knew what he had to do. 


This book is a celebration of two very special bears. 

Join them, their friends and wider family on

this their first adventure.

Everybody's invited!


Lesley Birks

"Books received today. Thank you! A really lovely story. Your Dad would be so proud.

Simon Brown

"Just received my copy of

Trouble at the Zoo by

Edwin Lampert. Beautifully written and illustrated with all proceeds going to the amazing

Brun Bear Foundation


Rebecca Moore

"My son loves it, I’ve been reading it to him every day since it arrived!

Bill Cochrane Facebook.jpg

Bill Cochrane

" A life lesson, I like the theme and if parents are reading to children or the kids are reading it themselves its a great way of educating them on problem solving.


Trouble at the Zoo

There's Trouble At The Zoo...

What can we do? 

How can we turn this situation around? 

How can we find the common ground?

Perhaps there's a solution we can all bring...

That means we can all celebrate a win-win!

On one thing we're all absolutely united...

And that's everyone - yes everyone - is warmly invited!

Amie Pascoe

" Beautiful book and great quality. Would highly recommend it.

Harriet Jones

" Wonderful story. Beautiful artwork. Excellent quality and production. Carefully crafted with the young reader in mind. Love the teaching of a caring community.

Matt Shoobridge

" The book is fun, whilst also teaching children and parents alike good behaviours and morals. It also happens to be one of my two and a half year old daughter’s favourite books.

John Guy

" The Flood – the first in what will be a series of adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin, is nicely illustrated, straightforward to read and quirky enough to appeal to small children.

Book Tours

The Flood in Africa

In 2015 The Brun Bear Foundation was in Uganda for an Epic Adventure. Here we connected with Anouk who runs the project ‘Knowledge for Children’ in Uganda.


Anouk and her team were magnificent. They arranged for us to take The Flood on a reading tour of eight schools across three days and to meet with children of varying ages and stages and the hardworking school staff.


Knowledge for Children runs an innovative scheme to promote reading in schools. Essentially books are rotated between participating schools on an initial three year basis. The schools contribute to the programmes on a sliding scale. In the first year, the schools pay 15% of the scheme's cost. In year two, 30%. In year three, 50%. 


This co-investment model makes sense in the Ugandan context. The average school with 300 students lacks the resources to fund even one book between two students. Often it's one book between five students. As well as creating a sustainable model for the schools Knowledge for Children provides Train-the-Teacher programmes and leadership training. 


All-in-all it was a magical, memorable and even moving experience. Happily, we were able to donate copies of our first book and book bags to the schools through Knowledge for Children. And we have committed to donate copies of our next book - Trouble at the Zoo - too.

Singapore Library Book Tour 

Our Charitable Commitment

Proceeds from our books have helped fund:

*Research into better and kinder treatments for children with Leukaemia

*Funding for a Community Fit Bus

*More than 8,000 Wellbeing Wallets for expectant mothers at Lewisham Hospital and Princess Royal

*Provision of food and medical supplies for bears as well as CCTV at a bear rehabilitation centre that keeps the bears in and the poachers out

*The founding and financing of The Simon Shades Scholarship Programme

*Theatre experiences for every child under five in Lewisham

*An incubator for a hospital in Uganda

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How Else Can I Help ?

• Share the link to this page on your social media platforms.
• Ask your friends and family to do the same!
• Share with your organisation
• Help us go viral on social media! If you know of anyone with their own powerful platform and social media following please let them know about us
• Help us distribute the book locally
• Let us know if you or someone you know runs a shop that would like to sell some copies for us?


Contact us directly via email:

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Book Readings & Tours

The Brun Bear Foundation is happy to come to you in person or virtually for a book reading or tour!


We are DBS checked and have done book readings and tours in the UK and overseas in nurseries, kindergartens, schools, libraries, hospitals, independent book stores and nationwide book chains and festivals


To learn more and to 'book a book reading or tour' please email today!

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Our Books


"Children who love reading feel happier"

-National Literacy Trust

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