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The Brun Bear Foundation uses the power of communities to build better futures locally, globally and in the natural world

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Cultivating communal life in Deptford

The Albany’s Community Garden in Deptford, Lewisham, is an open, communal space. It is of particular benefit for members of the community who would not otherwise have access to green spaces, those experiencing ill-health, or complex barriers to participation in the social life of the borough. The Brun Bear Foundation was proud to support the ‘Come ‘n’ Grow at the Albany’ programme through the purchase of essential garden equipment.

"Contributions like this support the Albany’s work in keeping our community garden open and accessible,  providing a range of free clubs and activities for all to enjoy throughout the year, which provide the opportunity to get active, learn about food growing and healthy eating, and make new friends," said The Albany's Head of Development Hayley Murphy.  


The Oscar Campaign

The OSCAR campaign (The Ocean and Shipping Community Advancing Children's Health and Research) is an innovative fundraising partnership uniting the international shipping community to raise funds at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (ICH).

The Brun Bear Foundation is helping fund research into better, kinder and more effective treatments for childhood leukaemia and immune diseases for patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital and all over the world through the Oscar Campaign.

Brun Bear Foundation Grants of up to £1,000 are available to help fund positive contributions that meet the charitable objectives of the Foundation. We are focused on three areas: medical research into infant and childhood illnesses; animal welfare with particular emphasis on bears; and community projects in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Lewisham.
Please note, there are strict eligibility criteria. And we only accept applications for Brun Bear Foundation Grants made via the appropriate online application form. We are not able to respond to mail requesting donations or funding.

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New play facilities for park

Kings Meadow is a park in the London Borough of Bromley which will now have a much-needed improved play and recreation area, with equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

The Brun Bear Foundation was delighted to fund sensory equipment, finger mazes and an extended picnic table – bears after all love a good picnic!


Bringing seasonal cheer to Princess

Royal University Hospital

When we launched The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: Trouble At The Zoo generous members of the public opted to 'Buy One, Give One' with the ‘Give One’ donated to hospital children’s wards.

Above: Sophie Roffe, Play Specialist, Princess Royal University Hospital, King's College NHS Trust, takes delivery of a dozen copies of The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: Trouble At The Zoo. To obtain your copy - or to 'Buy One, Give One' please click here.

A Centrifuge for the China Bear Rescue

Centre in Chengdu

Animals Asia is devoted to ending bear bile farming. The Animals Asia team has been rescuing bears since 1994 and operate award winning bear rescue sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

Our donation of a centrifuge to Animal Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu means the vets can identify underlying health issues and treat the bears, alleviating symptoms or even curing them


Bringing smiles with new book

We were proud to deliver [at suitable social distance] copies of The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: Trouble at the Zoo to University Hospital Lewisham’s Children’s Inpatients department.

When we launched The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: Trouble At The Zoo generous members of the public opted to 'Buy One, Give One' with the ‘Give One’ donated to hospital children’s wards. To obtain your copy - or to 'Buy One, Give One' please click here.


BAME Birthing With Colour Bursary

The purpose of this bursary is to enable the holder to plan, develop, implement and review a project that is aimed to benefit vulnerable women/families in Lewisham Hospital’s care.

Funded out of the proceeds of the annual BAME Birthing With Colour Conference applicants are asked to use the Quality Improvement framework as described by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (support to get familiarised with this tool is available if required) to put forward a project – big or small – for consideration by the team at Lewisham Hospital. The successful candidate will present their results at the next annual BAME Birthing With Colour Conference (Saturday 6 November 2021).


An incubator for Uganda’s Herona Hospital

The life chances of newborn babies needing critical care at a hospital in Uganda have increased thanks to a Brun Bear Foundation medical grant.

On average Herona Hospital treats 2000 patient per month, the majority are pregnant women in trouble, often prescribed herbal cocktails that can be lethal. To get to the hospital they will often have endured a 40-50km bicycle or motorbike ride over the roughest roads. Uncomfortable at the best times – even more so when pregnant and in labour.


The Simon Shades Award

The Simon Shades Award welcomes applications year-round from students with a fulltime place on an undergraduate, vocational or postgraduate
course in the UK.

The Simon Shades Award was established in the spring of 2019 to honour the life of Simon Shades, his generosity of spirit and legacy of contribution to the community. The Award is an annual, merit-based competition. The goal of the award is two-fold. Firstly, in delivering their project the candidate should have a meaningful experience that is personally and professionally rewarding. Secondly, the proceeds of the award are intended to fund living expenses and/or tuition fees during the
successful candidate’s study.


Book Readings For All

Our children’s books celebrate the power of community. We are happy to take part in book readings with every community

At the invitation of the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association The Brun Bear Foundation did a workshop and special book reading with pupils attending the organisation's Lampton School classes in Hounslow, London.

To book A Book Reading please click here


Wellbeing Wallets for Princess

Royal University Hospital

The Brun Bear Foundation donated 1000s of lifesaving Wellbeing Wallets for expectant mothers registered at Bromley’s Princess Royal University Hospital

When expectant mothers are giving Wellbeing Wallets –  A3 sized plastic folders, instantly recognisable with a number of colourful, eye-catching boxes printed on both sides with easy-to-understand bullet points of information about how to have a healthy pregnancy - as well as signs to look out for just in case you don’t. These range from the symptoms of an early labour to the warning signs that a problem might require immediate medical attention. Inside an expectant mothers can keep the multiple medical notes, ultrasound photocopies and information leaflets she will accumulate during her pregnancy. Every single NHS Trust that has been able to distribute these wallets has reported a decrease in stillbirth rates while the wallets were being used. The funds for to purchase the wallet were raised at the inaugural MotherBear! Family Fun Day.

Cubs playing 2018.jpeg

Safeguarding orphan bear cubs in Siberia

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Utyos in the Russian Far East looks after orphaned bear cubs during the harsh Siberian Winter.

CCTV ensures that staff at Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Utyos can observe orphan cubs while they are going through rehabilitation with as little human contact as possible, meaning they will be real wild bears when they are released

Through a £683.04 donation The Brun Bear Foundation was to fund the full repair of the centre’s CCTV system meaning the staff and continue their work and the bears can be safely released back into the wild, as wild bears, in the summer.

Theatre Trip 5.png

Theatre for the young mind

The Albany is a registered charity and social enterprise promoting the arts, education, equality & diversity through a programme of culturally diverse arts events and projects.

Theatre and the arts are proven to help a child's moral, intellectual and emotional development. Exposure to the arts provides a vital channel for expression, development and understanding. A pathway to balanced individuals and balanced communities. To this end, The Brun Bear Foundation was proud to support the 2017 Theatre Trip For Every [Lewisham] Child Campaign. Over 3,500 five year olds participated.


Supporting Russian Bears

The Brun Bear Foundation presented a £250 cheque to The Big Hearts Foundation a charity that saves and rehabilitates bears in Russia's Far East.

The proceeds were used to fund food and medicines for bears at the facility.

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