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Travel to and from the Epic Adventure is not included in this trip.

Grindelwald is approximately 2.5 hours by train from Zurich or Basel airport and 3 hours from Geneva. It is between 4 and 5.5 hours from Milan by train, depending on train connection. 



Please check with your national embassy to re/confirm current requirements for Switzerland.




You are not required to take your luggage with you on daily excursions. We advise you bring a day pack for personal sundries, bottled water, light snacks, sun lotion and any medication you may require. 




We are staying at one hotel for the duration of the trip. In selecting accommodation we give equal weighting to the following criteria: value for money; comfort; safety; location; local experience; referrals, ratings/reviews, past experience  

The following options are available: 4 bedroom private x 2; double room x 3.  Note: Please inquire for a single supplement. Please be aware that accommodation is subject to availability and may change from the itinerary. Also, some guests may be staying at separate accommodation where applicable. In the exceptional case where our usual accommodation is not available, we will arrange a similar alternative. 




Travel insurance covering the event you are undertaking, trip curtailment/cancellation, emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation, air evacuation and repatriation is a compulsory condition of your booking. If you haven’t got your own insurance in place, we can add you to the The Brun Bear Foundation insurance policy for an additional charge.


  • If you choose not to take out the appropriate travel insurance, should you fall ill or be involved in an accident you will not be covered for those associated costs.

  • We strongly recommend you’re insured for the full duration of your trip and the policy is taken out prior to the date of your departure and does not cease until you’ve returned.

  • If you have an existing policy, we highly recommend you call your insurers and confirm that it meets with the requirement of the trip and that you’re fully covered for the event you’re undertaking, clarifying its precise nature to your insurers.

  • You must also make sure you inform the insurance company of any pre-existing medical conditions before travel. Failure to do so may invalidate your policy or any subsequent claim.




Water is safe from the tap. Swiss cuisine is healthy and plentiful! All meals will be provided except for lunch on the day of departure. Meals will include vegetarian options, but it is still a good idea to bring energy bars, snacks and isotonic drinks to keep you going during the day. Breakfast will consist of fruit, cereals, toast, jam, cheese etc, plus tea and coffee. Evening meals will be cooked.  We will strive to cater for every dietary requirements as long as we know in advance. Just complete the relevant section on your registration/information form.




To view the current weather / weather outlook for Grindelwald please click here




The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. Credit cards are widely accepted in Switzerland. Please check with your bank provider for overseas charges. Cash is still king in Switzerland. There is the assumption that everyone carries cash. The Swiss franc is the  preferred currency for payment, but some establishments accept Euros. Please be aware that your change will be in Swiss francs. Approximately £200/US$200/€200 spending money equivalent is enough for drinks and tips. When it comes to shopping you will find familiar souvenirs as well as one-off and traditional crafts and artefacts.




Switzerland has good mobile coverage though it can be intermittent in mountain areas. Local SIM cards can be used in European phones. Other phones will need to be set to roaming to work - please keep an eye on roaming charges! You can buy a SIM card with mobile data from any mobile phone/internet provider. We advise you purchase prepaid SIM cards covering phone calls, text messages and internet data at your port of entry and/or soon after.




  • Several layers of thin clothing – layers allow you to quickly change clothes as the weather on the mountains can change rapidly. 

  • (Waterproof) hiking boots 

  • Rainproof clothing such as a windbreaker, rain jacket or rain pants 

  • Fleece jacket

  • Down jacket 

  • Thin (thermo) sweater

  • Thick, seamless socks (for the boots)

  • Long trousers or hiking pants

  • Hiking backpack that can carry 

  • Food or snacks on the trip

  • Water bottles for liquids (at least one litre)

  • Sun cream

  • Sunglasses (ideally a pair that offer side protection)

  • Cap or hat for sun protection

  • Mobile phone



  • Trekking poles

  • RECCO reflectors

  • First aid kit

  • Alarm or whistle 

  • Clothes to relax in after the hikes (trousers, skirts, shirts etc.)



  • Swimming costume




Fitness is important in order to enjoy the trip. We can give you advice on your training so you can complete the week not too tired and with amazing memories. 

This Epic Adventure will be a tough challenge and will require training in order to complete it. You might be active already, but we recommend that you tailor your training towards hiking. This consists of exercises that focus on building strength, stamina and muscle endurance. Before you start training, we recommend speaking to your doctor or a fitness professional. They will give you the go-ahead to train, but the latter will especially be able to develop a programme tailored to your needs, lifestyle and current fitness level. The fitness professional may also be able to help you with nutrition and diet, which will help you complete your challenge. 

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