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Katrina Brooks

I was put in contact with The Brun Bear Foundation by Lewisham Careers' Service. As a young person looking for an opportunity to increase my skills and gain work experience, working with the charity was an ideal opportunity. I helped with updating the charity's Twitter page, and helping to promote their work at different events. I found working with Edwin Lampert, the founder, warm and welcoming. I felt this was a charity that I could relate to and one which is investing back into my local community and young people.

Lilian Brooks

I’ve lived and worked in Lewisham all my life and am always looking for ways to give back. The Brun Bear Foundation has a local and global ambition as a charity, supporting the local community, animal welfare and medical research. I volunteered when I could, promoting the charity at fundraising events. I’ve also supported the selling of two wonderful books about two bears who encompass the ethos of giving and caring. Working with a charity that is professionally managed is wonderful, particularly as you also get to work with a variety of people who share the same passion and wanting to invest their time and skill into a worthwhile cause.

Bronte Carvalho

My name is Bronte Carvalho and I am a journalist and graduate of Queen Mary University of London. My role on The Brun Bear Foundation’s BAME Birthing With Colour project has seen me interviewing and profiling leading figures in the maternity sector. This was an eye-opening experience, deepening my appreciation for medical professionals while also reminding me of the myriad obstacles BAME women continue to face -  within the four walls of the hospital and beyond. A highlight of my work has been my conversation with birth activist Mars Lord. Our enriching discussion took in unconscious - and conscious - bias in the medical sphere.

Ryan Collins

Working with BAME: Birthing with Colour was an enriching experience. As I continue to learn more about the NHS and it’s vital importance to the UK, it was pivotal to understand why everyone wasn’t getting equal healthcare under a system that promotes said equality. I was able hear from many healthcare professionals and gain new insight as to how to improve the care BAME patients receive. This invaluable sharing of information is what BAME: Birthing with Colour represents, and to have been a part of that team has been enlightening. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Yap Xin Ran

I was one of the social media managers for The Brun Bear Foundation's annual BAME Maternity conference. It was a really incredible opportunity! I got to work and collaborate with many remarkable industry professionals for interviews, workshops and more! The organisation is very well-managed, and always looking for new ways to help better the lives of children, women, and minorities. I really felt like I made a difference during my time with The Brun Bear Foundation!

James Waithe

I am proud to be part of the team delivering events. I have been able to leverage my professional experience working in IT to help roll out different IT systems and platforms. Other duties included working with event speakers and helping ensure the logistics of dry runs and materials etc. My role has also included helping on the day including backroom support and front-of-house session hosting.

Megan Samrai

Working on The Brun Bear Foundation's BAME: Birthing with Colour project was a wonderful learning experience. I developed my independence as I had the freedom to be creative and implement new strategies while running their Instagram page. I had the chance to connect with many inspiring role models who are advocating for better care for BAME mothers. I found it very rewarding interviewing healthcare professionals, who shone a light on many healthcare inequalities that I previously did not know about.  

Malavika (Malvika) Padinharathra 


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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

-Winston Churchill

My internship has been incredibly rewarding. Delving into the webinars and writing up pieces gave me insight into topics that I had always wanted to explore within my journalistic endeavours. My time at The Brun Bear Foundation has also uncovered an interest in maternity. I’m very grateful.

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Nurseries, kindergartens, play groups and schools

Through our series of children's books - The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin - and our upcoming community theatre tour we look to educate, entertain and inspire the younger generation. Our activities promote positive and universal values including community, being true to yourself, kindness, animal welfare and caring for the environment.

Community Theatre Tour

The Brun Bear Foundation is planning a community theatre tour of the The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin: The Flood. This is the children's book our founder wrote in memory of his father. To learn more and discuss ways your skills, enthusiasm and expertise can benefit the project please contact us today!

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