We believe charity starts at home... and that's why we are committed to supporting community life and giving back to the London Boroughs of Bromley and Lewisham


We are constantly looking at ways we can support medical innovation and research to enable better futures for babies, infants and children globally


We respect the roles animal communities serve within our global ecosystem and aim to protect them and their futures too, particularly our founding inspiration - bears

What We Do
The Brun Bear Foundation has four principle fundraising streams

Our Books

Our Epic Adventures

Our Events

Our Supper Clubs

Our Impact
The Brun Bear Foundation makes grants and offers scholarships and bursaries in three areas


We've helped fund a community fit bus, theatre experiences for under 5s, a community garden, personal protective equipment (PPE) for local health heroes on the front line in hospitals and care homes, The Simon Shades Scholarship...

Health & Medical

We've helped fund better and kinder treatments for children with Leukemia, wellbeing wallets for expectant mothers; an incubator at Herona Hospital in Uganda; founded BAME Birthing With Colour; devised a bursary programme... 

Animal Welfare

Food and medical supplies for bears. Fully funding repair of CCTV at a bear cub enclosure at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in the  Russian Far East. Purchased a centrifuge at a Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu, China...

Latest News

An exciting new chapter...

Trouble at the Zoo is the latest book in The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin series of books. Join Brunhilfer, Brunfin, their friends and family, on another epic adventure… everyone’s invited! 

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