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Getting a kick out of the Downham TRIPLE Challenge!

Taekwondo Second Dan Bassil Richardson is a Lewisham Lad who has made good on the global stage!

He now brings his expertise as a Black Belt and World Silver medallist to Lewisham-based Nomad Taekwondo.

The club is ranked number one in England for Pumsae or patterns and has a couple of British champions on the

fighting side.

Bassil leads the High Tempo Taekwondo Challenge at the Downham TRIPLE Challenge. The class covers punches, kicks, blocks and bag work. It always evolves from challenge to challenge and while hard work there is always a little bit of humour along the way too!

The TRIPLE Challenge happens twice a year at Downham Health and Leisure Centre. Bassil advises: "Have a go! It's a great thing to get involved with!"

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