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The Simon Shades Scholarship

Simon Shades

For many of us time stood still when we heard Simon had passed.

He had time for everyone - the warmest of smiles, the biggest of hearts.

Simon was one of life's huggers. And characteristically he embraced The Brun Bear Foundation right from the start.

He supported morally, materially... anywhere and anyway he could.

He would divert from shifts to come to an event, promote, give lifts, transport appliances, stay to the end, contribute ideas, time, recruit others... the list goes on.

For me perhaps Simon's two defining qualities were that he lived his values and he turned up.

Well Simon as you turned up for us - and so many times for me personally - so we will turn up for you.

Through the establishment of The Simon Shades Scholarship - and with the blessing of your family - we will ensure that your values transmit to the next generation.

May this small gesture make you smile.

Thank you for your shining example.

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