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“You can imagine this will have a big impact”

The life chances of newborn babies needing critical care at a hospital in Uganda have increased thanks to a Brun Bear Foundation medical grant.

“This grant for a brand new infant incubator will have a major positive impact on the clinical service we provide at Herona Hospital in Uganda” says Professor Colin Green of International Medical Education Trust 2000 (IMET2000).

IMET2000 works in areas of extreme deprivation providing specialised training for medical professionals, including those working at Herona Hospital.

“Safe childbirth, maternal health, neonatal survival and family planning are the single biggest call on our clinical services and this addition to our existing 20-bed maternity ward, surgical suite for Caesarian sections and dedicated ambulance for women about to deliver will greatly enhance that service,” says Prof Green.

On average Herona Hospital treats 2000 patient per month, the majority are pregnant women in trouble, often prescribed herbal cocktails that can be lethal. To get to the hospital they will often have endured a 40-50km bicycle or motorbike ride over the roughest roads. Uncomfortable at the best times – even more so when pregnant and in labour.

Herona Hospital’s foundations were laid in April 2017. Phase 1 opened in February 2018 and the first patients admitted at that time. Phase 2 opened in May 2019. In time the hospital will serve a rural population numbering well over 200,000.

“This brand new incubator will have a major positive impact on the clinical service we provide,” says Prof Green. “It will not be wasted. Every penny of The Brun Bear Foundation medical grant goes towards it.”

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