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Mongolia! What an an adventure!

Summer 2016 saw the Brun Bear Foundation's first annual epic fundraising adventure... to Mongolia!

This demanding adventure saw us trek through mountains, forests and wild steppe to explore one of the world’s most ancient and culturally unique lands. Beginning in Ulaanbaatar we ventured into the eastern plains where rolling hills and glittering blue lakes dot the rugged landscape. Trekking through this wild terrain, we saw local herdsmen driving their horses, as well as looking out for some of the wildlife that lives here. We stayed in both tents as well as the gers of local people who showed us their way of life before proceeding to Baldan Bereeven, which sits alone in the mountains, in a peaceful region visited by few tourists. We then made our way back to Ullaanbaatar, via several other ancient sights of the eastern steppe. With every step across the eastern steppe we raised vital funds for community, medical and animal wefare charities. .

The Brun Bear Foundation undertakes an annual epic adventure. Stay tuned for the next one!

Everyone's invited!

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