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Trouble At The Zoo!

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announced the formal launch of

Trouble At the Zoo And you're warmly invited to join us!

Trouble At The Zoo is the second children's book in The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin series of self-published children's book by registered charity The Brun Bear Foundation.

Through beautiful illustration and subtle humour the books aim to promote the very universal values of community, inclusiveness and being true to yourself.

- Projects our first book has supported include:

  • Research into better and kinder treatments for children with Leukaemia

  • Funding for a Community Fit Bus

  • More than 8,000 Wellbeing Wallets for expectant mothers at Lewisham Hospital and Princess Royal.

  • Provision of food and medical supplies for bears as well as CCTV at a sanctuary that keeps the bears in and the poachers out

  • The founding and financing of The Simon Shades Scholarship Programme for young people moving in to higher and further education.

  • Theatre experiences for every child under five in Lewisham

  • An incubator for a hospital in Uganda.

- We are looking to continue and expand our support of such worthwhile initiatives with our second book!

You can learn more by clicking here:

How else can I help?

Please ...

  • Share the link to this page on your social media platforms.

  • Ask your friends and family to do the same!

  • Share with your organisation

  • Share with/let us know if you have any celebrity, influencer friends that could share to their audience

  • Help us distribute the book locally

  • Let us know if you or someone you know runs a shop that would like to sell some copies for us

  • Drop me a line!

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards,


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